January 18, 2017by Zippy0

We all have within us that inner critic. That voice inside your mind that is like your roommate. Constantly analysing your environment. Giving opinions, some of which you dare not say them out loud! And when there is a build-up of nervous, fearful or desire-based energies inside, that voice becomes extremely active.

Your thoughts are expressed in that inner voice.

Most people are accustomed to settling into the playground of the mind by creating and manipulating thoughts. By verbalizing in your mind the outside world. And we get so lost in it, that we confuse it for reality. You stop questioning the validity of those opinions.

Did you know that you buffer reality as it comes in?

Your consciousness is actually experiencing the mental model of reality, not reality itself!

You basically re-create the outside world inside yourself, and then you live in your mind.


So how do you silence this inner critic that is robbing you of reality?

To attain true inner freedom, you must be able to objectively watch your problems instead of being lost in them. No solution can possibly exist while you are lost in the energy of the problem!

You must continuously and sincerely ask the question:

Who am I?

  • You create your thoughts and watch them.
  • You will realize that you are not your thoughts.
  • You are a subject and your thoughts are just objects.
  • You are a conscious receiver of your thoughts, emotions and objects coming in through your senses.

When you focus on thoughts, feelings and the senses and get totally absorbed in them, you forget the subject and become object-conscious.

Stand firm in the seat of the witness and release the hold that the habitual mind has on you. Distance yourself from your thoughts by being self-aware.

Don’t always react to emotions. Ask yourself:

‘What part of me is being disturbed by this?’

Do not narrate but consciously observe the world.

You are consciousness, awareness, an intuitive sense of existence!



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