January 18, 2017by Zippy0

You see the world, NOT as it is, BUT AS YOU ARE!

Perception is the way we think about or understand something or someone.

Our perception of reality or the world around us is how we choose to think or understand the world around us.

Our experiences shape our perception of the world. Childhood experiences build up our beliefs about the world. And those beliefs continue to affect our perception of the world throughout our lives, even though as adults we think we know better.

Our beliefs gained through our interpretation of our experiences shape our lives. Hence, if you had a negative childhood, or the wrong statements were made to you as a child, you accepted those beliefs or statements as law and formed a perception of the world around you. Those are the lenses through which you see the world.


  • If you do not like the way your life is at this moment, it is because of the beliefs that are running your world.
  • If you are not as successful or as happy as you would like to be, it is because of the beliefs that you adopted as a child that are running your subconscious mind, they are creating your current life.

The only way to change your life for the better is to examine those beliefs that form a perception of the world around you.

Recent scientific research has shown that your perception controls your genes as well! Now that should get your attention!

Before you start thinking that it is very hard to change your genes, understand the simple fact that your beliefs are formed by your thoughts. You do have control over your thoughts. Hence, you do have control over your genes!

If you can rewrite the software of your mind, you can change your whole experience of life!


The conscious mind is conceptual, while the subconscious mind is sensory which controls your experiences. It is easier to change habits of thought and behaviour if you access the subconscious mind, because it is the storehouse for attitudes, values and beliefs.

Become aware of your thoughts, choose constructive thoughts, positive thoughts and that will change your beliefs and attitudes that make up your reality.

It is time to take Charge of Your Life!


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