May 6, 2017by Zippy0

It is always easy coming up with goals and a list of things that you want to achieve, but how do we ensure that we actualize our goals?

We need to identify what is holding us back. What has prevented us from achieving our desires for all those years? It is our self-limiting belief systems.

You see, growing up, from the ages 0-6, we were not able to think for ourselves. Our conscious mind, the reasoning mind was not developed. So how did we survive? We survived through seeing the world through the people around us. If our parents, caregivers or school authority told us that something was bad, we could never argue. We accepted it as a fact. We believed everything they told us. That is how we developed our sense of good and bad. We were socialized into believing what they believed. And if you dig deeper, you will find out that most of the times, we were raised according to how our parents or caregivers were raised.

It is true that there is no manual to parenting. So that begs the question, does it mean that it was the right way? That how they saw the world and how we came to see it as a result is correct?

You see, how anybody sees  the world is a result of belief systems. What one culture believes to be true is completely different to the way a different culture believes to be true. So who is right?

whatyouareIf your life has not been working out the way you intend it to, you need to examine your belief systems. Some of the belief systems you adopted as a child were positive and expanded your mind, but also, some of them were negative, and they limited you. Even after you developed your reasoning capacity, the beliefs you adopted in the first 7 years of your life became so ingrained in you, that they sank into your subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind, is that part of the brain that does not question but follows a set of patterns and routines. For example, when you eat food, you do not have to think about chewing, breaking down the food and absorbing the nutrients into the body. The subconscious mind does that for you. The same thing applies to the heartbeat and blood circulation or when healing a wound. You don’t have to think about it because the subconscious mind takes care of it. This is because there is so much energy consumed in conscious thinking, and in order to preserve energy for survival, the subconscious mind automates the processes that have been repeated over and over and become automatic responses.


Can you imagine the impact bad habits have on you once automated? You don’t notice them because they are automated and it only comes into your conscious awareness when the damage has already been done.


Now you can understand that the person you are today and the things you have and will achieve are as a result of the beliefs that you have implanted in your mind. If your goals are inconsistent with your beliefs, you struggle to achieve them.

So how do we identify and change our self-limiting beliefs?

  1. Examine your goals and see which areas you struggle most.
  2. Then critically examine what belief systems are behind the struggle.

For example,Financial: if you always struggle to make a living, did you grow up hearing that life is hard? That money does not grow on trees? That money is the root of all evil?

  1. Form new beliefs that you want to adopt around those areas.

For example, Money is not hard to come by. Money actually makes my life easier in everything that I do. 

  1. Write them down in clear short sentences as statements. These are called affirmations.

For example, I am Abundance. Money constantly flows to me. I deserve Money and Success.

  1. Read them out aloud every single day, preferably when you have just woken up, until they are ingrained in your memory. They will soon be automated and your life will reflect your new belief systems!

mind-powerAs a man thinketh, so is he!


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